Woke up feeling decidedly less ‘coldy’ which made the morning a touch more tolerable. Atleast got out and did lots with DS which was a relief. Still feeling very woozy meaning I can’t really bend down or lower my head too often with spinning out.

Whilst watching CBeevies saw a little girl eating tomato soup which of course meant I HAD to have some. Thank GOD I found a can at the back of the cupboard because I’m not sure what I would have done otherwise.

Had a play date this afternoon with two friends (one 36 weeks pregnant with her second) and found it INCREDIBLY difficult not to tell them. I’m not a good liar, in fact it’s safe to say that I must be pretty much the worst liar in the world and felt like I was deceiving them through the whole affair as I had to tell them a few little white lies which will obviously come out in due time. It was great for the kids to get together and have a good play in the field and pick some blackberries though.

8 weeks tomorrow… Entering the danger zone! I imagine I shall be fairly neurotic for the next month, the 13th seems so long away and yet other people’s pregnancies are flying on by. Father Time is exceptionally cruel at times.

As I sit hear listening to DS playing in the bath with OH I’m fantasising about sausage and mash tonight, let’s see how that sits.

 225 days to go


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