Woke up with the most horrific cold making the nausea almost unbearable. Now it’s the end of the summer holidays all DSs groups are restarting but am today regretting them being in the morning.

I have, however found another holy grail…Yoo Moo frozen yogurt lollies… Oh my word!!!!!! I *may* have eaten 3 back to back and am fighting the urge to polish them off. Mildly better than mini cheddar soup and only 3.5 syns each.

Still extremely moody. To be fair, not helped by constant insensitive and critical comments made by OH as soon as he comes home. Usually they’d be water off a ducks back but I just can’t keep a lid on it. Really is mental… Literally!

Ended up cleaning the flat from top to bottom to rectify the mess that was created in my week away and its feeling homely once again but think I’ve wiped myself out in the process. Poor DS has been babysat by CBeebies and YouTube this afternoon and am actually quite disgusted with myself about it. Would like to think I’ll make up for it tomorrow but know I’ll feel just as shocking and the same cycle will repeat itself. Was so good being away as I had the support to look after DS and give him the activity he needs. Really need to try and pull my socks up and just get through it for his sake.

Lord knows what I’m going to eat tonight, no doubt OH will ask what we’re having and be annoyed when I say I can’t think about it let alone cook it. Beans on toast and I’m happy… What’s wrong with that? 

226 days to go


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