Made MW appointment yesterday. Usual congratulatory crap that I had to swat down like a swarm of annoying midgies on a muggy summer day. Wish my old midwife was there still. This one is so forgetful which doesn’t fill me with confidence. I had to go through my history nearly three times on the phone despite her supposedly remembering me.

MW: 7/9/16 1500

Nausea: Awful from wake up to about 4

Tiredness: as above

Cravings: stodgy carbs (marvellous). With my DS I ate fruit and salad all the way through. The mere thought of salad turns my stomach. Cue unwarranted weight gain when I’ve just lost all my baby weight after 3 years.

Aches: period pain like cramps still, not constant but enough to make me worry, won’t be telling my partner as I’m sure they’re absolutely fine and he’ll only worry.

Weight: 9st 0.5Ib

234 days to go 


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