Very achy today on left side, more into my back, typical premenstraul cramping. I know that it’ll all be to do with my uterus expanding but it’s so worrying. Can’t mention anything to partner because it would just about send him to orbit with worry and not sure I could handle the constant concern.

Food is getting ridiculous and is changing on a daily basis. Mug Shots were my staple two days ago and I thought I’d found the holy grail, now I can’t stomach the thought of them. Today it’s corn on the cob that’s a revelation. Bread today is a no-go (which isn’t a bad thing) but crisps are in. With DS I never had this, croissant got me through the mild nausea I had and I lived off fruit & yogurt and salad for the duration of the pregnancy with no cravings whatsoever. Salad this time is a TOTAL no-no, as are a plethora of other items, thankfully fruit and yogurt are still a firm favourite and are agreeing with me still.

Back home tomorrow and dreading it but will be away from sweet temptations.

228 days to go


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