Oh sleep, How I’ve relished your sweet embrace and you never fail to deliver when you arrive. Didn’t stop me having a cheeky nap with DS at lunchtime though.

Can’t stop feeling anxious that things aren’t going to progress and know my fears will be met with a total lack of empathy at MW. 

Everytime I go to the toilet I check the paper for blood, with every ache I assess whether it’s ‘normal’ or not. I’m clinging on to feeling sick and ironically dread when it passes. It’s going to be a long 5 weeks.

Currently wishing we had the same prenatal care we had with DS (fortnightly scans from 6 weeks to the dating scan) just to alleviate my anxiety. 

Terribly tired today that didn’t even pass by 4pm, however come 9 was wide awake, fortunately for the start of Cold Feet… Dear god that was good. Off to sleep now, rather annoyingly as I don’t feel sick, or tired right now. Praying for another good night’s sleep.

Realised today cramps have all but stopped, in fact I only realised this when I got one this afternoon. As much as I hate this nausea etc, I have to keep telling myself it’s a positive sign.

229 days to go


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