I’ve taken to having to cook evening meal first thing in the morning else we wouldn’t eat. Dinner party tonight with old friends so lasagne was cooked and ready for oven by 7am, I’ve never been so organised.

Desperately trying to resist crappy food but failing and then getting food guilt. Dreading getting weighed at MW as know I’ve put on Ibs. Missing Slimming World this week as I’m not going to get home until day after my group meets.

DS has had a wonderful day playing with friends in the garden and joining us for dinner, fell asleep in half an hour which is a miracle. Plus gave me some alone time to wallow in my lethargy and nausea.

I am fast becoming used to feeling unwell, infant this morning j sat there thinking I don’t feel sick this morning, if it wasn’t for this hangover… Oh wait that isn’t a hangover is it.

Sobbed like a baby at Poldark. Anyone who knows me knows I’m not an overly emotional person. This is ridiculous!!!


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