Been feeling decidedly sick for about 4 days now, usually between 12-4pm but today all day (maybe due to cold but unsure). Also extremely tired at this time. 
Sore boobs since 22 days into last cycle. Period pain like cramps, not constant nor severe but enough to make me fret.

Mood: Ratty, probably due to overall feeling of unwellness.

Saw a friend today who announced she too is 6 weeks pregnant, what’re the chances of that? 🎉

Embryo is the size of a pea and the heart can now be seen and heard in ultrasounds.

No change in me, thankfully. Don’t want to be showing until atleast 14 weeks but realise it’ll be sooner as I have carried full term before and judging by friends who have had second children I’m maybe expecting it before 12 weeks!


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